In-Features provides fully researched deep, interesting feature stories based on the news and important life spheres. In addition, we provide production possibilities: pre production, research, producing, fixing, translations. We work upon individual requests and individual approach! It can be our own or your stories that we fully research (people story, news update on the matter, experts, government officials etc.). Every minor request of yours is received with our full attention.

Production Department: a team of qualified producers and camera people that can get you any commentary, stream, video/photo footage, lives, or fully made reports/movie footage. We access professional equipment, mobility and disperse network of partners/camera people. We work with both media video content, commercial video production and movies production.

Story Department is composed of journalists and media researches that are searching for unique personal and event stories in various topics. We have a vast network of experts, access to governmental officials that can complete the mosaic constructure of fully researched story. Our main priority for the story – is importance to your audience, exclusive people’s stories and fully prepared access for the story production. We produce articles, reports for various NGO and other type of content production.

Documentary Production: a group of inspired film-makers, journalists and producers that are finding stories, create or help you to film fully researched stories, worth to been depicted and shown thoroughly. In addition, we have a video pool of already done/ or synopsis-stage documentaries that might be of interest to you too.

We provide good stories, alongside news updates and video/photo material at a very affordable price, that would be an asset to your production!

We offer unique, researched, important stories (pitching ideas) and production capabilities to make them come alive and be shown to your audience. We work individually with every media based on your specific request, interests and proposals. We can facilitate production of your stories, via fixing/producing, translations, logistics organization and additional video/photo/text in case you need to include it into your final work.

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