InFeature agency offers Features – unique and important stories that can be interesting to the vast majority of audience abroad.

We fully research each of the stories, help to produce them and accompany them with additional materials to make the story be rich in content and in an impact on the audience.

InFeatures offers external, on ground investigation of your stories, points of interests in Ukraine.

We have a team of experienced producers and journalists, who have a trained hand searching for necessary story parts, developments and personal stories, that are so important in order to feel the news

We are partnering with local journalists all over Ukraine, in order to investigate your topic as throughout as possible.

Here are the examples of interesting trends in stories, that might be interesting to cover. These and dozens of other stories have been throughout investigated with contacts, personal stories and expert quotes.

– Weapons on hands and storages close to the front of the confrontation between Ukraine and unrecognized LNR and DNR

– Pro-Russian nationalists in the West of Ukraine (especially in time of St.Petersburg gathering of Nationalists in Russia)

– Energy deficit of Ukraine

– Economic downfall and people’s ways of coming out from the crisis (footage from the Festival of Panic, quotes of people and experts, raw footage and text)


If you are interested to receive some of the interesting pitches of the feature stories that we have found, please write us