In-Features team consists of journalists, producers and film-makers with language skills and international experience in their fields.

In-Features team in Ukraine

natalie-gryvnyakNatalie Gryvnyak

In-Features founder, executive partner, producer, journalist

Over six years experience as a journalist and a producer with major Ukrainian and foreign media including BBC, Washington Post, Euronews, PBS, Al Jazeera and others. Documentarist, film-maker, video and print journalist and a producer. Has constant creative and outgoing ideas with sparkling love to the media and film job. Responsible for clients, general project management, stories and production departments


Anton Skyba

Head Coordinator of In-Features

Experienced Fixer and Producer for International media such as BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, and others. Does photography projects as well. Responsible for logistics, production coordination and project management


Roman Stepanovichroman-stepanovich

Head of Video Production Crew

Renowned cameraman and producer for major foreign media such as Al Jazeera, Deutche Welle and others. Responsible for the feature teasers, video crew production


Ruslana Kostinakristina-kostina

Stories Agency Media scope, Research and Analytics

Scenarist, journalist and media researcher. MA in Informational Communication Technologies & Applied Linguistics. Worked as an editor at a number of media resources. Has immense interest in news feeds and script writings.


Ruslan Strelchenkoruslan-strelchenko

Media designer

An experience graphic designer. Produced infographics and other graphic media for a number of  news websites.