Ukraine has changed the rules of accreditation of journalists in Ukraine.  You need to do this once in 2015 and there’s no problems with accreditation till July 2015
Now it looks like 3-step accreditation to work in rebel-held territories and 2-step procedure to do journalism in ATO zone.
Step 1.Accreditation in Security Service of Ukraine.
Please mail State Security Press Centre in Ukraine: and attach next files:
-Editor’s letter or mission order to do assignment in Ukraine (signatured scan in PDF or JPEG)
-PressID scan for every crew member (in JPEG or PDF)
-Passport scan for every crew member (in JPEG or PDF)
-Translator’s info (if you followed during with trip with somebody
Step 2.Accreditation in Ministry of Defense.
Please make an application to receive ATO PRESS CARD, which gives you an ability to pass checkpoints fast, make embedments with army etc.
Send an application with the next text for every crew member in the letter:
-Media name
-Name, Surname
-Position (all text must be typed in English and UKRAINIAN)
-Country (2-3 letters, e.g. UA, USA,)
Attach your photo (JPG, file size more 100 KB)
Daily Global – Дейлі Глобал
CLARK KENT – Кларк Кент
reporter – репортер
<attachment> Kent_photo.jpg
If you want to take card in KYIV (Povitroflotsky Av. 6, Permission Bureau of Ministry of Defense of Ukraine) – send this request to
If you want to take card in Kramatorsk (ATO centre) – send this request to
IMPORTANT: send request to Ministry of Defense after the answer about accreditation in SSU (SSU has a right do not give a permission for your work in Ukraine)
Timing – SSU can verify your applications up to 10 days. (usually it faster)
Ministry of Defense – up to 3 days
Be sure that you have enough time to send your applications before your trip.
Step 3. Permission to cross the “line of contact” to get to the rebel-held territories.
There’re 4 main sectors of ATO zone and 7 official gates to enter rebel-held territories.
Sector “B” – official gate “Kurakhove” (road to Donetsk)
To get a permission, you need to visit Velyka Novosilka regional administration. (35 km near Kurkhove city where official gate is) regional administration.
Sector “M” – official gate “Volnovakha”, “Sartana”.
To get a permission you need to visit Mariupol SSU department.
IMPORTANT! You can’t receive your permission to cross the frontline in advance. Personal presence is obligatory.
Please contact your fixer/translator in ATO zone before your trip to be sure, that your papers are OK.
Information about other sectors and rules changes will be updated later.
Good luck&stay safe!