Date—April 7, 2022

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1. The New York Times has confirmed the authenticity of a video leaked on April 4 showing Ukrainian soldiers shooting wounded Russians at point-blank range. The video was filmed near the village of Dmitrovka, west of Kyiv. Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported on the destruction of the Russian convoy in these places. In the video, one of the Ukrainian soldiers shoots twice at a Russian serviceman lying on the ground. Nearby lie several more prisoners with white stripes. Their hands are tied. In the background is a BMD-2 type armored vehicle with a “V” symbol. Their flag patches and blue armbands can recognize the Ukrainian military, and they repeat “Glory to Ukraine” repeatedly. Advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak, commenting on the video, said that if Kyiv receives evidence of “any wrongful actions” of the military, they will be “normatively returned to the legal field.” At the same time, Podolyak said that the actions of the Ukrainians were due to the “emotional background”: “On the other hand, I understand the emotional background of Ukrainian society and the army. I believe that, in principle, their actions are as harsh as possible concerning Russian servicemen justified precisely by the corresponding emotional background.” On April 5, the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, instructed to investigate the circumstances of the murder caught on video. (Source: NYT).


1. General Staff (AFU): “The enemy continues to be active in the Slobozhansky, Donetsk, Yuzhno-Bug, and Tavriya areas. Who was discharged from military service after 2012 and has military accounting specialties as a driver, mechanic-driver, scout, and junior commander? On the so-called Transnistrian-Moldavian Republic territory, appropriate propaganda work is being carried out with the population who has Russian citizenship. “In the Donetsk and Tavriya directions, the enemy continues artillery shelling of the settlement of Popasna. The goal is to set fire to the Armed Forces of Ukraine units and resume the offensive on Rubizhne, Nyzhne, and Novobakhmutivka. The occupiers also tried unsuccessfully to break through the defenses of Ukrainian troops in the area of ​​Novotoshkivske. In the South Bug direction, the enemy is defending previously occupied borders, taking measures to restore the combat capability of its units. Continues to carry out strict filtration measures in the temporarily occupied territories of the Kherson region. The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine had hit three air targets the previous day: a cruise missile, a UAV, and a fighter jet. The Air Force continued to launch missile and bomb strikes on the occupying forces. (Source: UP).

2. After the first days of the war, the military was first taken to the part of Belarus and then returned to their places of permanent deployment in Pskov. About 60 servicemen from Pskov refused to go to fight on the territory of Ukraine. Most of them are fired, but some are threatened with criminal cases. The media has repeatedly written about the refusal of the military to carry out orders. Thus, it was reported that 12 fighters of the Krasnodar OMON, 11 OMON fighters in Khakassia, about 80 marines in the Crimea, and about 300 servicemen from South Ossetia refused go to Ukraine. (Source: Meduza).


1. Shabunin: The United States has imposed sanctions on Russia, including freezing US assets of Sberbank and Alfabank, banning citizens from any new investment in Russia, and imposing restrictions on important Russian state-owned enterprises; The United States has also imposed personal sanctions on some Russians, including Putin’s daughters, Lavrov’s daughter and wife, the Russian prime minister, the justice minister, the finance minister, the head of the Putin administration, and members of the Russian Security Council; The UK has also imposed sanctions on Russia: frozen the assets of Sberbank and Moscow’s Credit Bank, banned new investments in Russia and the purchase of iron and steel goods, banned the export of oil refining equipment and imposed personal sanctions on eight oligarchs; New Zealand has imposed a 35% duty on all Russian imports; Latvia froze Russian real estate for 100 million euros; Chinese state-owned refineries are avoiding new contracts with Russia for fear of sanctions. (Source: Facebook).

Economy, Social life, and Culture

1. ANTAC: Intel suspends commercial operations in Russia, earlier the company stopped deliveries; Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems is leaving Russia, about 1,000 Russians will lose their jobs; Lithuanian food producer Vici will leave the Russian market; American technology and multimedia company Avid Technology stops sales in Russia and Belarus; The British pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline has stopped importing food supplements and vitamins to Russia; Air India suspends flights Delhi – Moscow; Finnish Railways has started a controlled cessation of freight traffic from Russia; American audio manufacturer Bose suspends supplies to Russia; Cummins, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of diesel engines, is suspending all commercial operations in Russia; Boston Consulting Group, which specializes in management consulting, suspends work with Russian clients; Universal Audio suspends all sales in Russia and Belarus; The average daily oil production in Russia decreased by 4% compared to March; car sales in Russia fell by 63%; during the week, annual inflation in Russia accelerated from 15.66% to 16.7%; “Everything is going according to plan”: for the seventh time in a row, Russia has continued to close airports: 10 Russian and 1 Ukrainian airport in the temporarily occupied Simferopol. (Source: Facebook).

Military Help

1. The British Ministry of Defense is considering sending armored vehicles such as the Mastiff and vehicles such as the Chakal, which can be used as reconnaissance or long-range patrol. British troops will be sent to Ukraine’s neighboring country for exercises. Earlier it was reported that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, wants to supply weapons to protect Odesa and thwart Putin’s plans in southern Ukraine. (Source: The Times).

Foreign news

1. Butusov: History teaches that countries that receive a lease from the United States to fight Nazism will definitely win World War. Congratulations to all. The United States has passed a law on unlimited arms supplies and supplies to Ukraine. Ukraine is changing the world. Ukraine will win. Ukraine will destroy Russian Nazism and demilitarize the Russian army. (Source: Facebook). 

2. Turkey returns its embassy to Kyiv. The Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament unanimously recognized the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian people. Greece will send 12 diplomats from Russia, Norway – 3, Luxembourg – 1; (Source: Facebook).

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