Date—April 20, 2022 (evening)


1. GUR: FSB arrests Russia’s proxy in occupied parts of Luhansk Oblast. Igor Kornet is currently being held in a detention center in Rostov-on-Don in Russia. Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intelligence said that Moscow began to “clean up” its proxies in occupied parts of Donbas for “failures at the front.” (Source: Telegram).

2. SBU says it found a warehouse in the Kharkiv region storing a cache of weapons and military equipment worth $200 million on April 20. Inside the warehouse were 60 tank engines, many spare parts and components for armored vehicles, and 26 air-to-air guided missiles, the SBU’s press service said. “All this equipment has already been transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces,” the statement said. The discovered items were supposed to be used by invading Russian forces for repairing damaged equipment during the renewed invasion of Ukraine that started on February 24, the domestic intelligence agency said. “However, thanks to the resistance of Ukrainian defenders, Kharkiv was not to the liking of the occupiers. And thanks to the efforts of the SBU, they will use the entire withdrawn consignment of weapons to protect our state,” the statement said. A preliminary investigation found that the stored equipment had been previously stolen from military arsenals and the warehouse owners planned to collaborate “with the occupying forces and provide equipment for the needs of the enemy.” The SBU added that steps are being taken to detain the suspects identified in the investigation. (Source: Kyiv Post).


1. Ukraine’s intelligence: Russia plans forced mobilization in Zaporizhzhia, Kherson regions. Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Intelligence Directorate says Russia plans to carry out forced mobilization in occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia, Kherson oblasts, and send Ukrainians to fight against their own country. (Source: Telegram).


1. Zelensky says he thinks EU countries are ready to impose an oil embargo on Russia. The president urged the EU to impose a “full embargo” on Russian oil & gas, telling European Council President that an oil embargo should be part of the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, TKI told. (Source: Twitter).

Economy, Social life, and Culture

1. Head of Ukrainian Orthodox Church asks to refrain from Easter services in Ukraine’s war zones, TKI writes. Metropolitan Epiphanius says that although they have asked Russia “to stop shelling” on April 24, the Orthodox Easter, he does not believe Russia would follow the ceasefire. (Source: Twitter).

Military Help

1. Norway sends about 100 air defense systems to Ukraine. Norwegian Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram said his country had donated French-made Mistral short-range missile systems to Ukraine, which are no longer used by the Norwegian Armed Forces but are still “a modern and effective weapon that will be of great benefit to Ukraine.” (Source: MH). 

Foreign news

1. President of the European Council Charles Michel visited Borodyanka, a town 40 kilometers northwest of Kyiv that was heavily bombarded by Russia, on April 20.  “History will not forget the war crimes that have been committed here,” the official wrote. (Source: Twitter).

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