Date—June 24, 2022

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1. Unknown people blew up the car in which Dmitry Savluchenko was. He died on the spot. The explosion took place around 8 am. The vehicle caught fire. There was one person inside – Savluchenko himself. Local telegram channels write that the car contained ammunition that detonated. Dmytro Savluchenko is known for his anti-Ukrainian activities. He was a member of Medvedchuk’s and Sharia’s parties and organized scandalous “victory races.” After the occupation of Kherson, he was appointed “Chairman of the Board of Family, Youth, and Sports of the VCA of the Kherson region.” (Source: Censor).


1. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky plans to replace the head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Ivan Bakanov. He lost favor with the President of Ukraine after a series of setbacks and the occupation of Kherson during the war. “We are extremely dissatisfied with his work and are trying to get rid of him,” said a senior Ukrainian official close to Zelensky. The interlocutors of the publication emphasized that this is not only about Bakanov, but also about the decisions of other high-ranking employees of the SBU in the first hours and days of the war, because of which Ukraine, in particular, lost the strategically important Kherson. So, the head of the Kherson SBU, Sergei Krivoruchko, ordered the city to be evacuated before Russian troops stormed it, and his assistant, Igor Sadokhin, handed over a map of minefields to the Russians. Both employees of the SBU were detained on charges of treason. In addition, Russian troops could easily occupy Kherson on March 3 because SBU officers did not blow up the Antonovsky bridge across the Dnieper in the city. The Office of the President of Ukraine, Ivan Bakanov, and the SBU have not yet commented on this. Ivan Bakanov is a childhood friend of Vladimir Zelensky. Bakanov became head of Ukraine’s Security Service in August 2019, three months after Zelenskiy became president. Recently, old friends rarely communicate – only on government issues. (Source: Politico).


1. The head of the regional military administration of the Lugansk region of Ukraine, Sergei Gaidai, said that Ukrainian troops would have to withdraw from Severodonetsk due to losses. It makes no sense to be in positions that have been defeated over several months to be there because every day, the number of deaths in unfortified territories can grow proportionally. For this reason, he says, the Ukrainian military, who are in Severodonetsk, was given “the command to retreat to new positions, to new fortified areas” to conduct military operations there. The editor-in-chief of Censor.NET, Yuriy Butusov, who was in Severodonetsk, confirms the retreat of Ukrainian troops from the city. “On the front sector where I was, the withdrawal passed under fire, but without losses,” Butusov wrote on Facebook. “We went out. But we will be back,” he stressed. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported on June 24 that fighting in Severodonetsk continues. One of the last places in Severodonetsk not controlled by the Russian military is the Azot chemical plant. On the evening of June 23, Gaidai said that many defensive structures had been destroyed in the industrial area of ​​Severodonetsk so that the Ukrainian military could retreat to other positions. (Source: Telegram).

2. “Today, the Mountain community is completely occupied, there are minor local battles in the vicinity, but the enemy has entered,” said Aleksey Babchenko, head of the military administration of the Mountain community. According to him, the breakthrough was in the direction of Orekhovo – Toshkovka. “The invaders entered from two sides. One part went to the rear, namely the settlements of Mirnaya Dolina, Podlesnoye, and Loskutovka. The other part moved in the direction of Gorsky and Zolote,” the head of the military administration noted. Earlier, the “LPR” announced the capture of Gorsky today. The Russian Defense Ministry stated that they also control half of the neighboring Zolote (Ukraine did not confirm this). Since yesterday, it has been confirmed that enemy troops surrounded the area of ​​Zolote and Gorskoe. (Source: Telegram).


1. Belarusian forces are conducting mobilization exercises along the border with Ukraine, but are unlikely to enter the war due to their limited capabilities and the adverse domestic consequences of military intervention. Russian troops have probably reached the southern outskirts of Lysychansk and are reinforcing their grouping around Severodonetsk to complete the capture of both cities. These successes are unlikely to give Russian forces a decisive advantage in further operations in Ukraine and weaken Russia’s capabilities. Russian forces continue to try to encircle the Ukrainian group in Gorske and Zolote and are likely moving towards taking control of these settlements. Russian forces have apparently successfully blocked Ukrainian lines of communication along the Bakhmut-Lysichansk highway and are using this to reinforce the offensive on Lysychansk. Russian troops stockpiled equipment and continued to build up defensive capabilities along the front in southern Ukraine. (Source: Twitter).

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1. A division of boats was created on the Dnieper to defend Kyiv. It was formed in the north of the Dnieper. “At the initiative of the Commander of the Land Forces, we formed a joint division of military boats in the north of the Dnieper to provide support to the Land Forces in the riverine operational areas,” said the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Oleksiy Neizhpapa. According to him, the formed division now performs tasks subordinated to the Kyiv Defense Forces to provide units operating near the Dnieper. Neizhpapa added that in the future a flotilla of river boats will appear on the Dnieper, consisting of several divisions, which will be located in different cities. The flotilla will be created both through the construction of new boats and assistance from Ukraine’s partners, said the commander of the Navy. (Source: Censor).

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