Date—August 22, 2022

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1. A Russian ammunition depot explodes in occupied Donetsk. Donetsk, occupied by the Russians, woke up to the sounds of powerful explosions. On Monday, August 22, around 4 a.m., ammunition detonation began. According to the local Telegram channel reports, the explosions thundered in the Proletarsky district of Donetsk. Eyewitnesses are posting videos and photos from the scene on social media. According to residents, the ammunition depot of the occupation forces of the Russian Federation is on fire. The warehouse supplied the occupiers in the Donetsk region with ammunition. The loudest sounds of explosions can be heard in the Proletarsky district near the Auchan store in the southern part of the city. As of 8 a.m., shells continue to detonate. On August 18, in the temporarily occupied Amvrosiivka, Donetsk region, explosions rang out in a warehouse. Ammunition was fired at a Russian warehouse. According to residents, several explosions were heard during the night due to the arrival. The detonation of ammunition belonging to the occupation forces of Russia continued throughout the night.  (Source:


1. In Russian-occupied Crimea, vacationers photographed the launchers of the S-400 air defense system near Yevpatoria. Photos of Russian weapons were published on social networks. The pictures were taken in the area of ​​Lake Terekly (Solone) near the village of Molochne. Launchers of the S-400 air defense system near Yevpatoria in the occupied Crimea, summer 2022. The work of Russian air defense in this area was reported on August 19 and 20. OSINT researcher Benjamin Pittet drew attention to a photo of air defense systems visible in the distance, published in late July by a VKontakte user. The image contained geographic coordinates. These coordinates show that the pictures were taken near Molochny. Journalists were able to find close-up photos of geolocating installations at this location. The VKontakte user published them. The satellite imagery service allows you to see the area of this air defense battery from space. Self-propelled launchers of the S-400 air defense system were deployed between July 15 and 22. On August 21, the occupying authorities of Crimea reported on the work of Russian anti-aircraft work on the peninsula. An unidentified aircraft was hit on the approaches to Belbek airport from Yevpatoria. (Source:

2. GUR: In Russia, they cannot form new units due to the lack of those willing to go to war. In the Nizhny Novgorod region of the Russian Federation, the formation of a tank battalion, which has been ongoing since the beginning of July, has actually been disrupted. There, out of the required 160 people, only about 30 signed the contract for the service. For greater motivation, the regional leadership promises to pay 10,000 rubles per month from September 1 to the families of “contract volunteers” whose children study in grades 10-11. However, this did not lead to a significant influx of those willing to go to war. Ukrainian intelligence reports that the Russian Federation has created a “new mobilization system.” It provides for the implementation of mobilization activities according to the territorial principle – in each regional unit, units are formed, which are financed from the local budget. “Primarily, representatives of “small nations” and the poorest population fall into the zone of special attention of “recruiters”. According to social studies, it is these categories that have the greatest “protest potential” due to the deterioration of the socio-economic situation,” the intelligence reports. PMK mercenaries are being actively recruited in Russia. Also in Russia, “industrial mobilization” is secretly being carried out among defense companies – in particular, at more than 800 enterprises of the Rostec company. (Source: Liga).

Economy, Social life, and Culture

1. Employees of the government quarter in Kyiv were advised to work from home from 22 to 26 August. The reason for this was the expectation of shelling from Russia during the public holidays of Ukraine – the State Flag Day on August 23 and Independence Day on August 24. In the government quarter, there is not only the Cabinet of Ministers but also the Verkhovna Rada, the office of the President, and the National Bank. (Source: Telegram).

Invasion Damage

1. On the International Day of Commemoration of Victims of Terrorism, Ukraine remembers all victims of terrorist attacks in the Russian Federation. “We sympathize with the families who lost their loved ones and those who became victims of terrorist attacks,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said in a statement. It is also noted that in the course of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian troops are deliberately attacking civilian infrastructure, choosing tactics of terror and intimidation. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the Russian army has hit more than 22,000 civilian objects. “Tens of thousands of innocent deaths in Mariupol, hundreds tortured and killed in Buch, merciless attacks on civilian objects in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Chernihiv, Vinnytsia, Kramatorsk, Kremenchuk… Completely destroyed Mariupol, Volnovakha, Rubizhne, Popasna, Liman, Severodonetsk,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminds. As a result of the airstrike on the Mariupol Drama Theater, more than 300 civilians died; a rocket attack on the building of the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration took the lives of 23 people; as a result of mass murders in the Kyiv region – more than 1,000 people died; a rocket attack on the railway station in Kramatorsk killed 61 people; as a result of a rocket attack on the shopping center in Kremenchuk – more than 20 people died; rocket attack on the center of Vinnytsia – 26 dead civilians; as a result of rocket attacks on a hostel in Kharkiv – more than 20 people died. “Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, as a result of the actions of the Russian army, 373 children have died, and another 721 have been injured,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added. (Source: Censor).

Foreign news

1. GUR: the Russian and Belarusian ministries of defense signed fixed-term contracts for the repair of aviation equipment. Groups of employees of the 558 aircraft repair plant in Baranovichi, Belarus, periodically go on business trips to Russia, where they work at the 121 aircraft repair plant in Kubinka near Moscow. They are engaged in the restoration and commissioning of aviation equipment, mainly MiG-29 fighters. Military specialists from Belarus are engaged in the removal of aircraft from conservation and storage. (Source: Telegram).

2. Warrant Officer Paul Carney has urged British soldiers to prepare for a possible deployment to Ukraine to fight against Russia. He asserts that the British military is now “preparing to face a threat from Russia and is ready to face any aggression.” Carney called on soldiers and officers to check their physical fitness and take care of their family and friends because if they are sent to Ukraine, they may be out of touch for a long time. “I ask that you discuss a potential referral with them now. Find numbers for support networks and relevant people who can help them, such as a welfare officer and a nurse,” urges Carney. General Sir Richard Dennett, the former head of the British army, suggests the possibility of such a development. The former army chief said: “This is sound advice from a senior soldier in the army. This does not mean that the army will go to Ukraine, but it is the responsibility of any army in peacetime to prepare for war in every aspect of life. However, “With the war in Europe, an aggressive Russia, and worried countries on Russia’s borders, it is only reasonable that British soldiers are realistic about what could happen,” he commented. Dennett also believes that British soldiers should be prepared for long periods without contact with loved ones just in case. (Source: Mirror).

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