Date—April 2, 2022 (evening)

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1. Famous photojournalist Maxim Levin, who worked in the war for Hromadske, was found dead. Police found the body on April 1 after a lengthy search near the village of Guta Mezhyhirska in the Kyiv Region. He died of a shrapnel wound to the head. Levin was 40 years old. He dreamed of becoming a photographer from the age of 15. During his school years, he attended a photography club. He graduated as a computer systems engineer “to please his father” and then went on to dream. He worked in the state or as a freelancer for various publications and agencies: from the magazine “Pension” to the Ukrainian agency UNIAN and the international Associated Press, Reuters. He gave ten years to In 2020 he moved to Hromadske as a videographer. (Source: Hromadske).


1. Soon, the aggressor will face another problem: a coordinated guerrilla war should unfold in Ukraine in the coming weeks. Kyiv intends to start it in parallel with the main hostilities, as soon as the spring will dress the forests in greenery, providing cover for the partisans. “The season of the all-out Ukrainian guerrilla safari will soon begin,” Ukrainian intelligence chief Kirill Budanov said at the end of March. “Then the Russians will be left with one actual scenario: how to survive.” A specific guerrilla war has already begun: Ukrainian civilians are seizing enemy equipment and weapons and capturing the invaders, then handing them over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, a peaceful resistance movement has unfolded: residents of the occupied cities go to protests, and in settlements free from invaders, Ukrainians are preparing Molotov cocktails. The most significant public participation in the resistance is expressed in the training and work of territorial defense units, which have already joined tens of thousands of civilians and reservists. Their main tasks are the protection of critical infrastructure, the support of the regular army, and the fight against saboteurs and spies. (Source: FP).


1. Malyar: “Irpin, Bucha, Gostomel and the entire Kyiv region have been liberated from the invader.” (Source: Facebook).

2. Zhivitsky: A large group of enemy troops entered the Konotop district of the Sumy region from the territory of Russia. At present, a conditional corridor has been formed through a constant movement of military equipment from the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions in the opposite direction – to Russia. They are terrified of residents and our military, so they open chaotic fire on people who appear near this equipment or along with the movement of columns. (Source: NV).


1. Butusov: The threat of encirclement of Kyiv has been eliminated, and judging by the speed of the flight of the Russians, Chernihiv will soon be freed from coverage. The enemy is rolling back to his edge up to Kharkiv along the entire northern border. Russia is transferring forces to the Donbas, but Ukraine continues to grow stronger every day in all directions, and the number of volunteers still exceeds the staff of military units. The massive offensive of Russian troops continues exclusively in the area of ​​Severodonetsk – Rubezhnoye, and Izyum – Barvenkovo. The enemy is inflicting fire strikes on the Donbas, trying to push through the defenses with missiles, artillery, and new tank columns. The critical situation remains in Mariupol. Russia continues to advance in the Donbas, the Kharkiv region, and Mariupol and builds up the defense of the occupied parts of the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions. Also, Russian troops hold positions near Kharkiv. April will be a month of fierce battles in the southern and eastern areas. We must be realistic – despite the victories and defeat of the Russians near Kyiv, the Russian army remains a severe adversary and retains excellent superiority in equipment, ammunition, aviation, and missile forces. Putin hopes to compensate for the loss of his troops by recruiting contractors. (Source: Facebook).

2. They will continue to lose their equipment. It is the only place where you can concentrate equipment and weapons for the further development of the offensive. It is our very accurate and timely defeat. Problems in this direction will arise if the invaders gain a foothold in Chernobaevka and launch an offensive. We control the situation as long as we have time to smash them at the stage when they just entered and have not had time to turn around yet. But this is the only place tied to the Antonovsky bridge, which allows you to start offensive operations on Nikolaev and Voznesensk. The day before, Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had attacked the invaders in Chernobaevka for the 13th and 14th times. (Source: NV).

Economy, Social life, and Culture

1. Gaidai: Near Severodonetsk, Russians cut a 500-mm-diameter gas pipeline, almost the entire region without gas, the Luhansk Regional State Administration said: “The accident site is in a zone of active hostilities. close all valves in time. There is no threat to the population and the environment. However, Severodonetsk and nearby settlements – about 60 thousand subscribers – were left without gas. In total, 36 settlements (131 944 subscribers) were without gas supply, 30 of them in full and 6 in part. ” (Source: UP).

2. Reznichenko: As a result of rocket fire in Pavlograd district of Dnipropetrovsk region, tracks were damaged and cars exploded, one person was injured. One rocket hit the railway. Tracks and catenaries are badly damaged. The cars exploded. The movement of trains is stopped. Rescuers put out the fire. Previously, no one was killed. The second missile hit an open area. Ignition. One person was injured. On Saturday night, Russia fired missiles at the cities of Dnipro and Kryvyi Rih, damaged an infrastructure and a gas station, and injured two others. (Source: Telegram).

Military Help

1. Pristayko: Right now, not having deep historical roots between us and Great Britain, she will immediately enter the war, I think, should not be, but we are moving in that direction. And suppose from lend-lease to the current assistance, we add more supplies of strategic stocks of materials for the development of our defense industry. In that case, we are already reaching the same level of lend-lease. The United States helped European countries, primarily Britain and the Soviet Union, in victory over Germany. (Source: NV). 

Invasion Damage

1. Pavlyuk: In Brovarsky, Vyshgorodsky, and Buchansky districts of the Kyiv region, which were liberated from the occupiers, an intensified curfew will be introduced for two days from 21:00 on April 2 to 06:00 on April 5. (Source: UP).

Foreign news

1. Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Mayo said Italy was ready to guarantee Ukraine’s neutrality after meeting with Azerbaijani counterpart Ceyhun Bayramov in Baku: “Italy is working non-stop to end this conflict with never giving up on sanctions. “We note the progress made in Turkey since the meeting between the two delegations. The Italian government is ready to contribute to the peace process and guarantee Ukraine’s neutrality.” (Source: La Repubblica)

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