Date—May 30, 2022

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1. The administration of US President Joe Biden has approved the sending of long-range multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine, which could significantly help Ukraine defend its territory in Donbas. The transfer is likely to be announced this week. The aid package will include mobile missile systems that can fire much further than those currently used by Ukraine. Although officials have not provided details on what types of missiles the United States will provide, the Pentagon most often uses the M31 GMLRS (Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System), a high-precision satellite-guided weapon that contains about the same amount of explosives as the 500- a pound bomb, ”the statement said. The system can fly more than 40 miles, far exceeding the range of any artillery currently used by Ukraine. The Pentagon has spent about $ 5.4 billion to buy more than 42,000 such missiles since 1998. The Biden administration ensures that the United States does not allow Ukraine to strike deep into Russian territory. The United States also plans to include HIMARS multiple rocket launchers on the chassis of wheeled trucks in the following package of weapons for Ukraine. Meanwhile, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby on Friday, May 27, declined to confirm that It had decided to supply the installations. (Source: NYT).


1. In defense of the southern borders, the Ukrainian military destroyed 67 occupiers, 27 units of enemy equipment, an unmanned reconnaissance command post, and a command post of one of the enemy units. Not far from Kherson, equipment is being unloaded: about 120 T-62 and BMP-2 units have been accumulated for several days to strengthen enemy positions. Tank positions are being set up in  ​​Nova Kakhovka and Stepanovka. At the same time, our units are continuing offensive actions and measures to bind and prevent the movement of reserves. Enemy air surveillance with the help of Orlan-10 resulted in the loss of UAVs. After that, the enemy used Mi-8 helicopters to inspect the Armed Forces’ positions and try to attack them. In the course of fire, support of the offensive and restraining actions by missile and artillery units in cooperation with the aircraft destroyed 67 invaders, 6 T-62 tanks, two multiple rocket launchers Hail, three self-propelled howitzers Msta-S, three armored units, and 13 – automotive technology. We also destroyed the unmanned reconnaissance command post and the command post of one of the enemy units. (Source: Facebook).

2. On May 30, at 7.50 am, a powerful explosion occurred near the Kvartal shopping center, where the so-called military-civil administration of collaborators and the house of the fake “governor” and traitor Yevhen Balytsky are located. After the explosion in Melitopol, the central square was fenced off. The media reports panic in the ranks of Russian invaders. Military equipment began to drive into the city. Sirens were howling. There are shots showing doctors carrying the wounded on a stretcher. According to preliminary information, Yevhenia Zaitseva, the niece of Gauleiter Balytsky, was wounded. It is currently known that two women and a young man were injured. “Ukrainian saboteurs” are behind the explosion, and three people were injured, two of them in hospital. (Source: Telegram).


1. UK Intelligence: Russia has suffered devastating casualties among its middle and junior officers in the war in Ukraine, which will further reduce morale and poor discipline in its troops in Ukraine. Brigade and battalion commanders are directed to the front to meet the danger because they are uncompromisingly responsible for the actions of their units. Junior officers also had to lead the lowest-level tactical operations, as the army lacked well-trained and empowered sergeants to serve in the Western military. The loss of a significant portion of the young generation of professional officers is likely to exacerbate current problems with modernizing the approach to command and control. Moreover, battalion tactical groups reproduced in Ukraine from surviving units from several units are likely to be less effective due to the lack of junior commanders. Given the many credible reports of local riots among Russian forces in Ukraine, the lack of experienced platoon and company commanders is likely to reduce morale further and maintain poor discipline. (Source: UP).

Military Help

1. Hundreds of Lithuanians have joined forces to raise funds and buy an advanced Bayraktar military drone for Ukrainians. The target amount – 5 million euros – was collected in just three and a half days, mostly in small tranches, Lithuanian broadcaster Laisves TV, which launched the fundraiser, told. “Before this war started, none of us thought we would buy weapons. But now it’s okay. We need to make the world a better place,” said Agne Belitskaite, who joined the Bayraktar campaign for Ukrainians. The woman added that she had donated money to buy weapons for Ukraine before and was going to continue to win. The Lithuanian Ministry of Defense organizes the purchase of the drone. Next week, it plans to sign a letter of intent to purchase the device in Turkey. “This is the first time that ordinary people have raised money to buy something like Bayraktar. It is unprecedented, unbelievable,” said Pavlo Beshta, Ukraine’s ambassador to Lithuania. At the beginning of May, the Ukrainian fund “Come back alive” for days to collect 30 million hryvnias for the PD-2 complex of the Ukrainian production consisting of two drones and the car. It is equipped with thermal imaging cameras. It is used for air surveillance and combat use as a carrier of bomb loads. (Source: Reuters).

Invasion Damage

1. The Russians set up a dump in a supermarket in Mariupol. “Mariupol. Another terrible find. In the premises of the supermarket” Sincere Godfather “in the Left Bank district on Liberty Avenue, the Russians set up a corpse. Literally. Here the Russians bring the bodies of the dead, garbage “, – the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol Petro Andryushchenko wrote. The city has a catastrophic shortage of workers for burial. Because of this, Moscow has already launched a separate recruitment campaign for pathologists who will be sent to Mariupol. We will remind that in Mariupol now a problem with quality of drinking water – people collect water from an open well where garbage constantly gets. There are no other sources of water supply in the city. Due to problems with water supply, the occupiers installed mobile showers in Mariupol. According to intelligence, approximately from mid-June, the Russian occupiers will stop supplying funds and “humanitarian aid” to Mariupol. (Source: LB).

2. Russian troops continue artillery and mortar fire on settlements and positions of defenders in the south of Ukraine. They use Ka-52 reconnaissance and attack helicopters to detect our units. “Rashists fired again at Mykolayiv with Hurricane multiple rocket launchers. Ammunition exploded in the yards of apartment buildings. Eight houses were damaged as a result of the shelling. One person died on the spot. Seven were injured,” the military said. Russians also inflicted a missile strike on Kryvyi Rih. Russia’s naval groups in the Black Sea are threatened with missile strikes. Its cover is trying to organize rescue and lifting operations near Zmiiniy Island and get out of the water by landing speedboat type “Raptor.” After lifting, they want to send him to the Donuzlav base. The military said that the racists are trying to fix the significantly reduced number of ships and boats in the Black Sea Fleet with “drownings,” the military said. As of May 8, the Ukrainian army had destroyed six Russian Raptor boats, 17 such boats in Russia, seven of which were in the Black Sea Fleet. (Source: Facebook).

Foreign news

1. Russia has sent troops and missiles to the Kursk region on the border with Ukraine. According to the governor of the region Roman Starovoit, many Defense Ministry personnel and additional weapons in artillery and missile systems have already arrived in the area. “Everything is aimed at ensuring the peaceful and creative work of the people of the Kursk region, to ensure the safety of life and health,” he said. On May 19, the authorities of the Kursk region announced the shelling of border villages by Ukraine. There were no casualties. (Source: Telegram).

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