Date—April 5, 2022 (evening)

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1. The SBU officers detained the head of the district prosecutor’s office of the Nikolaev area Gennady Herman who cooperated with the Russian occupiers under article about treason. The attacker used an intermediary. (Source: Twitter).


1. Motuzyanyk: Russian occupiers are accumulating groups of troops to attack Kharkiv and the environmental zone. “The enemy’s main efforts were focused on preparing for the resumption of offensive operations to surround the Allied forces and capture the city of Kharkiv,” Motuzyanyk said. (Source: NV).

2. Russia is preparing a large-scale provocation in Mariupol to accuse the Ukrainian military of crimes committed by the Russian occupiers. The occupiers plan to gather in one place the bodies of the victims of the shelling of Mariupol and present them as mass victims of Ukrainian troops. “For this purpose, false theses have recently been spread that Ukrainians allegedly use civilians as human shields.” In fact, it is the Russian troops who are destroying the people of Mariupol – in early March the city was forced to bury the dead in mass graves, “the ministry reminded. (Source: Telegram).


1. Zelenskiy: “Where is this security that the Security Council must guarantee? Where is the world for which the UN was created to guarantee? It is obvious that the key institution of the world, which should ensure the coercion of any aggressors to peace, simply cannot work effectively, “the head of state said. Zelensky recalled Article 1 of Chapter 1 of the UN Charter on the organization’s goal of maintaining peace and stressed that the Charter is currently violated in the first article. “[Russia] is turning the veto in the UN Security Council into a right of death. It undermines the whole architecture of global security, allows evil to go unpunished and spread around the world. If this continues, the end will be that each country can only rely on the strength of its weapons to ensure its security, and not on international law and international institutions. The UN can simply be closed, “Volodymyr Zelenskyi said. He called for reform of the UN system and stressed that the aggressor should be brought to peace, and the Russian military and those who gave them orders should be brought to justice. According to him, the UN can now either remove the aggressor country from blocking decisions in the Security Council, or show how to reform the institution, or dissolve itself. (Source: NV).

Invasion Damage

1. Denisova: Ukrainian servicewomen released from Russian captivity on April 1 have been tortured and threatened in the Bryansk pre-trial detention center. The women soldiers were taken to Belarus and from there to the Bryansk pre-trial detention center. There they were stripped naked in the presence of men, forced to squat, cut their hair and constantly interrogated, trying to break morals. Some were forced to take part in the filming of propaganda stories and demanded to switch to Russian. (Source: NV).

2. Monastyrskyi: law enforcement officers have already registered 1,200 war crimes in Kyiv Region. “More than 600 saboteurs have been detained during the war. More foreign crimes have been recorded in the Kyiv region, there are now 1,200, ”said Interior Minister Denis Monastyrsky. The Minister urged residents not to rush to return to the liberated territories. Many streamers, unexploded ordnance and explosives remain in towns and villages. “Only the day before, employees of the State Emergency Service found and neutralized more than 5,000 items,” the minister said. (Source: NV).

Foreign news

1. The Lithuanian authorities thought about closing the borders with Russia and Belarus. Latvia added that for the effectiveness of such a measure, a corresponding decision of all the Baltic countries is needed. If this still happens, then the threat of a blockade will hang over the Kaliningrad region, which is surrounded by unfriendly Lithuania and Poland. (Source: SF).

2. In March, oil and gas revenues of the Russian budget amounted to 302 billion rubles. ($ 3.61 billion at an undervalued official rate) less than the aggressor government’s government predicted. According to the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the loss of income is caused by “deviation of gas exports from the forecast level”, as well as lower tax revenues and increased reimbursement of excise duty on crude oil. In Russia, forecast for March the amount of additional oil and gas revenues of 790 billion rubles. ($ 9.5 billion). In February, the shortfall in oil and gas revenues amounted to 216.4 billion rubles. ($ 2.58 billion). At the same time, the government of the aggressor country predicts that in April, additional oil and gas revenues will amount to 798.4 billion rubles. ($ 9.5 billion) and this will be due to “exceeding the actual price of oil above the base level.” (Source: NV).

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