Date—May 20, 2022

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1. In its official message, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) calls a soldier who is exported from the Azovstal plant to the territories controlled by Russia, prisoners of war. The ICRC notes that he does not transport them anywhere, but only collects personal data to track the fate of the prisoners and help them keep in touch with their relatives. The military, holding the last center of resistance in Mariupol, began to leave the territory of the plant on May 16, according to the latest data from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, more than 700 people were left over the past days. In Russia, this was called “surrender”, in Ukraine they announced the “evacuation” and that the military would be returned after the exchange. In Russia, they did not talk about any exchange. The status of a prisoner of war means that soldiers are guaranteed protection and rights defined by the Geneva Convention. In particular, the ICDC reports, this means immediate access to representatives of the organization to soldiers. “The ICRC supports the confidential dialogue with the parties in the conflict regarding their obligations under international humanitarian law,” the organization said.  (Source: CT).


1. UK Intelligence: There are probably about 1,700 Ukrainian soldiers from Azovstal in Mariupol, but some of the city’s defenders remain at the factory. It is suggested that Russia transfer the forces from Mariupol to other operations in the Donbas. However, after the fierce Ukrainian resistance, these Russian forces are likely to need re-equipment and modernization, scouts say. If you do it carefully, it will take a long time. But the Russian command is under pressure, they need to clearly show the achievement of operational goals. Therefore, the Russian Federation will probably exceed the forces from Mariupol without proper preparation, which can lead to further depletion of the Russians. (Source: Twitter).

2. Russian invaders began to recognize their losses on the Zmiiny island. There was a funeral of the Russian military in St. Petersburg, who died in Zmiiny on May 9. The relatives of the Russian said that on May 7, a group of the Russian military was on a patrol boat in the Black Sea near the island. “The rocket got to the boat, approached the second, he was also blown. They were scattered on the rescue rafts by the sea,” said the brother of the fallen. However, the Russian command does not name its soldier’s exact date of death. “On the Cross Date: May 9, 2022. In the death certificate, it is May 7. According to his comrades, the group spent two days in the sea on rescue rafts. Alexei died at 10 am on May 9,” the media said. (Source: Liga).

3. ISW: The Russians began to operate on squadron level, not at the level of BTG, focusing on the capture of specific villages in the Donbas. Russian forces are still faced with problems in coordinating communication between commanders and synchronization of artillery fire with the support of ground attacks, writes the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW). Russian troops unsuccessfully tried to restore the offensive southwest of Izium and on May 19 did not advance in the Slavic and Liman directions. The Russians intensified efforts to promote north and west of Popasna as part of the preparation for the battle for Severodonetsk. The Russian forces also unsuccessfully tried to break Ukrainian defense to the west and east of Avdiivka and conducted a powerful shelling in the area. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the Russians are coming to the areas of Lysychansk and Severodonetsk. (Source: UP).

Economy, Social life, and Culture

1. The fighting in the territory of Ukraine spoils the air, pollutes reservoirs, destroys crops, and in the long run causes enormous damage to the ecosystem of all of Eastern Europe, and the life expectancy of Ukrainians will be reduced. In addition to the destroyed cities and interrupted lives, the redundant shelling of the aggressor causes serious environmental damage to the country: explosions, fires, bombardment, and destruction of industrial facilities and service systems lead to air pollution, and water, forest extermination, and unique ecosystems. The operational headquarters at the State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine, where more than 70 scientists worldwide work. The inspection has already operated about 300 environmental crimes and calculated more than 200 billion UAH of losses for only a few of them. Subsequently, the general figure will be taken to international courts in the framework of the claim of Ukraine to the Russian Federation regarding military reparations. (Source: NV).

2. The American IT company Brightfin has reduced 30% of workers in Ukraine because of the war. Customers demanded that Ukrainian employees not be accessed because of the safe situation. It is about the release of 50 specialists. Also, the dismissal of 30% of employees was confirmed by Brightfin Marketing Director Cat Jensen. According to the interlocutors, Ukrainian management was not warned of dismissal. (Source: NV).

Military Help

1. The US authorities plan to transfer to Ukraine modern anti-ship missiles that will help overcome the Black Sea’s Russian blockade. Washington is considering the possibility of supplying Harpoon missiles by Boeing and NSM (Naval Strike Missile) manufactured by Kongsberg and Raytheon Technologies. The range of the first missile reaches 300 kilometers, and the second – is 250 kilometers. Weapons are hoped to be sent directly or through a European ally who has this weapon in stock. Several states are ready to send Ukraine Harpoon missiles, but none of them want to be the first or only supplier country of fears of Russia’s response if the Russian ship is sunk by a rocket from their reserves. In the operational zone of the Black Sea, there are about 20 ships of the Russian Navy, including submarines. According to the agency, military expert Brian Clark, in order to threaten Russian ships and convince Moscow to remove the blockade, 12 to 24 Harpoon missiles will be enough. (Source: Reuters).

Invasion Damage

1. Sinegubov: The Russian Army tries to hold counter-attacks near Kharkiv, the regional center, suburbs, and Shevchenkov town came under fire. On May 19, the occupiers from the RSSU “Smerch”, “Hurricane” and “Grad” fired at the Kyiv district of Kharkiv, Saltovka, and Oleksiyivka. At night there was the shelling of the suburbs. The projectile hit a private house in Dergachi, in Mali Danilovka a garage, and a car broke out from the impact of the invaders. At about 05:00 seven garages of the zoo veterinary academy were burning. According to preliminary data, there are no victims. Also in the morning, Shevchenko was hit, and three people were injured. Hova Synigubov, the chairman of Khova, noted that in the Kharkiv direction the enemy had made an effort to keep the borders. Tries to counter, but unsuccessfully. Conducts air intelligence with drones. According to him, the fighting also went on in the area of ​​Ternova, Merry, and hostile shelling had Russian silences. (Source: Liga).

Foreign news

1. China authorities are trying to agree with Russia on additional oil supplies. Negotiations are at the government level. Due to Russian supplies, Beijing wants to replenish strategic reserves. At the same time, he expects to purchase oil cheaper against the background of possible tightening sanctions from the West. China wants to take advantage of the fact that now some buyers do not want to purchase oil in Russia due to military operations in Ukraine. The sources did not disclose details of the potential transaction. There are no guarantees that it will take place. At the same time, private oil refineries in China have already increased oil purchases from Russia. State traders still remained aside, as they were afraid to fall under secondary sanctions. Despite the trading restrictions introduced after the start of the military operation in Ukraine, Russia’s revenue from oil in 2022 increased by 50%. She earned $ 20 billion on this monthly. The largest market for Russian exports is still the European Union. In April, its share was 43%. China and India are ready to replace European buyers of Russian raw materials. (Source: SF).

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